Breakthrough Oral Delivery Technology – Patent-pending

HEPAR-P Capsule is formulated with our Nova-PhytoMatrix™ Delivery Technology that offers the following advantages:

1. Better stability, and
2. Better bioavailability.

The stability and bioavailability of an herbal extract are crucial to its efficacy. The active substances in Phyllanthus niruri extract are corilagin, geraniin, brevifolin carboxylic acid , and Phyllanthus flavonoids.

These active substances contain many terminal hydroxyl groups that are easily oxidized. When the hydroxyl groups are oxidized to form keto groups, the efficacy of the extract is reduced.

Besides, Phyllanthus niruri extract is very hygroscopic and hence poses a major problem during processing and affects the quality of the capsule. When it absorbs moisture, the color of the powder extract darkens and forms a wet mass.

Our researchers have developed a proprietary formulation technology, called Nova-PhytoMatrix™ Delivery Technology (Patent pending); to stablise the active compounds of HEPAR-P™. Nova-PhytoMatrix delivery technology involves the use of an unique hydrophilic molecule to form a protective matrix to contain the active chemical compounds.

Benefits of Nova-PhytoMatrix™ Delivery Technology :

  1. Stabilises the extract powder against oxidation and moisture attack,
  2. Increases the solubility of active compounds, and hence increases the efficacy of the final preparation,
  3. The extract powder is dry and does not darken over the whole shelf life.

The extract powders formulated by Nova-PhytoMatrix are dry, free flowing, and do not darken over the whole shelf-life period.



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