In House Study

Liver Protective Study of Phyllanthus niruri Conducted in Our Laboratories.

Tilte: Liver protective activity of Phyllanthus niruri standardized extract against paracetamol induced liver injury in mice.

Paracetemol is oxidised into paracetemol radical in the liver tissue by liver enzyme, cytochrome P450. The free radical formed will cause liver injury which is shown by elevated serum ALT and AST levels. Phyllanthus protects the liver against injury by scavenging up the free radicals formed. This study demonstrated that Phyllanthus possesses anti-oxidant activity and liver protective effect.

Paracetemol was administrated by intraperitoneally injection into rat to cause liver injury. The degree of liver injury was demonstrated by the elevated serum ALT and AST levels. In the treated group, HERPA-PTM capsule was given orally for 5 days before the administration of paracetemol injection on the 6th day. Result showed a significant difference between control and treatment group in the elevation of serum ALT and AST levels. HERPA-PTM capsule was shown to offer liver protection against paracetemol-induced liver injury in mice.

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